The Benefits of Hiring A 2nd Photographer

As a wedding photographer, I’ve witnessed first hand the advantages of having a second shooter. While some couples may be hesitant to employ an extra photographer because of financial restrictions, many find that the benefits exceed the cost.

In this blog post, I’ll offer my own experience and thoughts on why hiring a second photographer may significantly improve your wedding photos.

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Capturing Different Angles & Perspectives

Having a second shooter allows for a more diverse and comprehensive collection of images from the wedding day. For instance, during the ceremony the main photographer may be focused on capturing the bride and groom exchanging vows and rings. At the time same time the second shooter can photograph the reactions of the guests, the details of the venue, and other candid moments that may be missed. This results in a more complete documentation of the ceremony, from multiple angles and perspectives.

Similarly, during the portrait session, the second shooter can capture candid moments of the couple and their family members while the 1st photographer is focusing on setting up and taking the posed shots. This allows for a more relaxed and natural feel to the portraits and provides a wider selection of images to choose from when creating an album or selecting photos for prints.

Efficient Coverage of Events

It could be challenging to cover all that happens at a wedding alone. By being in one place when something else is happening in another, a solo photographer may miss some important moments. When a 2nd photographer is hired, many locations and events can be covered at the same time, ensuring that everything is documented.

For instance, one photographer may focus on the bride and her bridesmaids during the bridal preparations, while the second photographer would focus on the groom and his groomsmen. This is critical if the bride and groom are getting ready at locations that are very far from each other and it’s not possible for 1 photographer to cover both.

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Different Skill Sets and Specializations

Another benefit of hiring a second shooter for your wedding photography is the capacity to work with more skill sets and specializations. Every photographer brings their own distinct style and experience to the table which results in a more divers set of photographs.

For example, one photographer may specialize in portraiture and posed images, while a second photographer may have experience that leans towards photojournalism and candid shots. This enables the photo team to collaborate on a collection of photographs that includes both posed and candid shots, giving a more dynamic and thorough representation of the day.

Similarly, the second shooter may have experience with different areas of photography, such as landscape or architectural photography. This is especially helpful when photographing the wedding location, d├ęcor, and other elements.

More Creativity

Hiring a second photographer for your wedding may also significantly improve the photo session’s creativity. When working alone, a photographer can develop certain compositional and frame patterns or habits. The presence of second photographer gives the main photographer a chance to collaborate on ideas, try out new viewpoints and angles, and ultimately push the boundaries of creativity to create some spectacular photographs.

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Wider Selection of Images to Choose From

Having a larger range of photographs to pick from is a key benefit of having a second shooter. With two photographers capturing the wedding day, there’s always a greater yield of photographs to pick from when creating an photo album. The album portrays the whole tale of the wedding day from various views thanks to a wider variety perspectives. Two photographers can cover various aspects of the wedding at the same time, giving a more thorough documentation of the day. This is crucial when it comes to capturing candid moments and emotions, as some of the best moments happen in a split second.


In conclusion, hiring a second shooter for your wedding photography has numerous benefits that can greatly enhance the overall quality of a wedding gallery and album. With the ability to capture different angles and perspectives, efficient coverage of events, backup and support, different skill sets and specializations, and increased productivity and creativity, a second shooter is a valuable asset to any wedding photography team.

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If you’re still unsure if hiring a second photographer for your big day is right for you, I’d love to help you make an informed decision.

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