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Kotsy here, ready to share a tale of love that’ll surely tug at your heartstrings. Today, I bring you the enchanting summer wedding of Ryan and Rebecca – a couple who turned their high school romance into a lifelong commitment, culminating in a beautiful celebration amidst the scenic beauty of Rosetta McClain Gardens and the elegance of Scarboro Golf & Country Club.

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Ryan and Rebecca’s journey began in the corridors of high school in 2010. Through the years, their bond grew stronger, blossoming into a love so deep that Rebecca can hardly remember a time when she didn’t love Ryan. Isn’t that the kind of love we all dream about?

Fast forward to their 7th anniversary under the slightly rainy skies of a totally vacant Guildwood Gardens. Amidst their conversation about future family traditions, Ryan got down on one knee and asked Rebecca to marry him. Despite the rain, it was a moment of pure joy and intimacy, perfect in its simplicity.

When it came to their wedding, finding the right venues was crucial, especially amidst the uncertainties of Covid-19. They wanted places that resonated with their love for the outdoors and beautiful sceneries.

Rosetta McClain Gardens, with its stunning flowers, tranquil waterfall, and charming gazebo was an idyllic setting for their ceremony. Despite a threat of rain, the day turned out beautifully sunny, perfect for their heartfelt vows and photo session that followed. Then it was off to Scarboro Golf & Country Club for more photos and reception!

Imagine this: a grand clubhouse nestled amidst rolling green fairways and mature trees, creating an air of secluded luxury. Its interiors exude a classic charm, with spacious, elegantly appointed rooms perfect for a reception. The large windows bathe the space in natural light, offering views of the tranquil golf course – a photographer’s paradise!

For Ryan and Rebecca, it was seeing how beautifully set up the space was for a wedding they attended previously that sealed the deal. They were particularly thrilled to take pictures across the golf course, capturing moments of love in the breathtaking scenery – something I may have been even more excited about than the bride & groom!

Like most weddings, the day was jam packed with unforgettable experiences. Rebecca’s emotional first glimpse of her parents after she was dressed and ready, the loving gazes exchanged at the altar, and the heartfelt speeches from the best man and maid of honour that evoked both tears and laughter. The vows also had Rebecca completely choked up while Ryan lit up when she came down the aisle to the sweet melody of “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Kina Grannis.

Speaking of memorable moments, choosing a favorite photo was tough, but for Rebecca, it was the one where she’s placing the ring on Ryan’s finger. The raw emotion and love in that moment was so palpable that Rebecca had to look away to stop herself from crying. And for Ryan’s favourite, it was a candid shot on the golf course that was full of laughter. But if you ask them now what was so funny, they wouldn’t have an answer for you.

Ryan & Rebecca’s wedding cake was a delightful vanilla strawberry creation by Seranos Bakery, adorned with blue roses, their favourite colour that was a no brainer to use with white throughout the wedding. Topping the two tiers was a miniature groom trying to run away from his bride, only to be held back by his tie.

The rest of the food, curated by the venue, was a gastronomic delight, with selections like steak, chicken, and salmon that left everyone raving. You can never go wrong with classic staples like these!  

Planning a wedding during Covid was certainly no easy feat. Constantly changing restrictions and the challenge of keeping the guest list to 50 were just a few hurdles they overcame. But with the incredible support of Kathleen at Scarboro Golf & Country Club and a focus on what truly mattered, they navigated these challenges gracefully. Now that they’ve been through it all, they have some words of wisdom to couples that are about to plan their own weddings.

Stay true to yourselves: Your wedding should reflect you, not the expectations of others. Make choices that resonate with your story and personalities.

Simplicity is key: Don’t overcomplicate things with excessive décor or details. Focus on what truly matters and let the love shine through.

Embrace the unexpected: Like the rain clearing up just in time, sometimes the best moments are unplanned. Be adaptable and cherish these surprises.

Choose vendors you trust: From the venue to photography, work with people who understand your vision and can bring it to life and make sure to shop around.

Communication is crucial: Wedding planning can be overwhelming, but keeping open lines of communication with your partner, vendors, and helpers can ease the stress substantially.

Remember the big picture: Amid the hustle of planning, never lose sight of what’s important – celebrating your love and starting a new chapter together.

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Ceremony Venue: Rosetta McClain Gardens

Reception Venue: Scarboro Golf Club

Florist: Wedding Solutions

Hair: Maryam Makeover

Make-Up: True Beauty Make-Up

Stationary: Stephita

Bridal Gown: Bridal Desires

Groom’s Suit: Indochino

Catering: Scarboro Golf Club

Wedding Cake: Serano Bakery

Officiant: Pastor Ben – Global Kingdom

Wedding Rings: Michael Hill

A groom has his tie adjusted before his wedding at Rosette McClain Gardens in Toronto
A groom and his best man walk down a path at Rosetta McClain Gardens in Toronto
Bridesmaids and flower girls pose for a group photo before a wedding ceremony at Rosetta McClain Gardens
A bride smiles for the camera while sitting in a car upon arrival to her wedding ceremony
A bride poses for the camera in her wedding gown and blue and white flower bouquet
A shot from behind a bride as she shows off her profile before her outdoor wedding
A bride in her white wedding gown looks off camera
A close up shot of a blue and white rose bouquet held by a bride in white wedding gown
A bridesmaid in a blue dress enjoys a laugh
A young bridesmaid smiles while looking at someone off camera. Photographed at Rosetta McClain Gardens
A maid of honour and best man make their way down the aisle at an outdoor wedding at Rosetta McClain Gardens in Toronto
A bridesmaid makes her way down the aisle during an outdoor wedding ceremony
A bride smiles at someone off camera during her wedding ceremony intro at Rosetta McClain Gardens in Toronto
A 3rd bridesmaid makes her way down the aisle at an outdoor wedding in Toronto
A ring bearer makes his way down the aisle during at wedding ceremony at Rosetta McClain Gardens
A flower girl in a white dress makes her way down the aisle at an outdoor wedding
A 2nd flower girl makes her way down the aisle at an outdoor wedding in Scarborough
A bride and her father make their way down the aisle during her outdoor wedding ceremony at Rosetta McClain Gardens in Toronto
A bride and groom smile while looking down and holding hands at the alter during their wedding ceremony
A bride smiles while looking off camera during her outdoor wedding ceremony at Rosetta McClain Gardens
A wide shot through the crowd of guests of an outdoor wedding ceremony
A groom looks off camera while holding his bride's hands at the alter
A group of guests watch an wedding ceremony off camera happening off camera
A candid shot of a ring bearer in a blue suit during an outdoor wedding ceremony
A maid of honour smiles while holding two flower bouquets. 3 young bridesmaids are seen in the background.
An officiant reads in front of a bride and groom during an outdoor wedding ceremony at Rosetta McClain Gardens
A close up of a bride's hands picking up a ring from a pillow during an outdoor wedding ceremony.
A bride and groom smile at each other during the ring exchange at their outdoor wedding ceremony
A bride and groom enjoy their first kiss during their outdoor wedding ceremony at Rosetta McClain Gardens in Toronto
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