How To Plan The Best Micro Wedding In Toronto

2020 has been a very different year for any couple planning a wedding. With COVID-19 related restrictions being slowly lifted in the Toronto area, weddings have been made possible again after months of lock down.

I’m here today to share with you some goods news and tips on planning a micro wedding – which have become the new normal in the wedding industry.

Why A Micro-Wedding?

A bride places a wedding band on her groom's hand during their micro-wedding ceremony at Edwards Gardens in Toronto, Canada

Bigger Isn’t Necessarily Better

Since I got started in the industry, the number of guests attending a wedding (and of course, the total price tag) have only gone up! 9 times out of 10, this comes from the couple’s families. Naturally, the amount of pressure makes my couples feel like the wedding isn’t even for them. They end up feeling like more like a guest at their own wedding.


This is the year you actually have all the control over who’s on the guest list. This is the year that you can invite only the most important people in your lives to be there, and you will actually have the time to enjoy it with them.  

You Can Spend Time With All Your Guests

In the past with much larger weddings, it’s pretty rare for my couples to actually spend more than 10 seconds interacting with everyone that attends their wedding. A huge benefit to having a smaller wedding is that you can actually spend quality time with everyone you’ve invited.  


Smaller weddings mean less guests, which in turn means less expense. I think most people will agree that wedding pricing has gone off the deep end. All the money saved from having a smaller wedding can be used elsewhere.  

The World Is Your Wedding Arch

Arguably the best thing about having a smaller wedding – you can now get married anywhere.

The days of looking for a hall that can accommodate massive guest lists while trying to stay on budget are now gone.

This is also where creativity can come into play. Getting married in front of a waterfall, in a forest, at a local beach or a small restaurant can all happen with a smaller guest list.  

Better Wedding Photos

It should not surprise anyone reading that this is obviously my favourite part of micro weddings.  

Weddings overall have become much more straightforward. This brings with it a lot less stress. No list of problems to fix means much more time enjoying your day. And when there’s less stress on your wedding day, it means you’re more comfortable in front of the camera, which make better photos.  

It also means we have all the time we need to take those photos. Not only that, but we can select the best time to take them. During traditional weddings, the photo session falls in wherever there is room in the schedule – usually after the ceremony. Most of the time this happens in the middle of the afternoon, considered one of the worst times of day for lighting conditions. Bad lighting conditions can not only affect how the scene is lit, but how the couple is too. If you’re having a micro wedding, we can pick the best time of day for wedding photos instead.

If that wasn’t enough – the money you saved from having less guests will give you more money to invest in other details that you’d love.

Planning The Best Micro Wedding

A bride and groom kiss during their micro-wedding ceremony at La Vecchia Restaurant in Toronto, Canada

Select Your Dream Location

Forget where you should have your wedding. Parks, locations and businesses are now all going above & beyond to helping couples get married where they want to. 

Use The Money Saved To Hire Great Vendors

Budgets at traditional weddings usually are stretched very thin due to large guest lists. At your micro wedding you’ll have more money to have all the vendors you could want. 

Have Dinner At Your Location or In A Restaurant

Smaller guest lists mean you can now have your reception wherever you’d like. Like before, this might be the only year that your dream location will be doable.

Getting The Best Photos

A bride and groom kiss during their micro-wedding ceremony at La Vecchia Restaurant in Toronto, Canada

Base Your Ceremony Timing On When It’s Great For Photos

2 hours before sunset (or after sunrise if early mornings are your thing) should provide the best lighting of the day for photos. 

Hire A Photographer (Look No Further!) for 2-4 Hours

This will provide coverage for some of the getting ready time, the ceremony, family photos and a couple session with you! Ceremony coverage is also possible with other packages.

For my photo sessions, I shoot candidly and direct couples through natural actions to make everyone feel at ease.

Following safety measures by local authorities are paramount for me while providing photography coverage.

If I sound like the right match for your wedding, I’d love to hear from you!

Venue photos in this post: Edwards Gardens, Private Backyard, La Vecchia

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