Fun Activities To Keep Children Engaged At A Wedding

Hello Torontonians! Today I’m here to talk about one aspect that can sometimes be overlooked when planning your beautiful wedding, which is keeping the little ones entertained and engaged throughout the festivities. As a wedding photographer, I understand the importance of ensuring that children have a fantastic time during a wedding, and that’s why I’m thrilled to share my top tips for making your big day a joyful celebration for everyone, big and small!

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1. Create a Whimsical Kids’ Corner

Let’s kick off the fun with a kids’ corner! Transform a small area of your venue into a magical wonderland filled with activities that will keep the young ones entertained. Think colouring stations, interactive games, and even a mini DIY photo booth with fun props to express their creativity. Adding a dedicated childminder to supervise and engage the kids will give parents peace of mind, allowing them to enjoy the celebration without any worries. This awesome little space will not only provide endless entertainment for the little ones but will also add a charming touch to your wedding d├ęcor.

A young child gets her face painted

2. Exciting Scavenger Hunt Adventure

Unleash the spirit of adventure with an exciting scavenger hunt! Create a list of hidden treasures around the venue that the children can search for. Give each child a personalized map and a small bag to collect their treasures. The hunt can include simple items like heart-shaped leaves or even tiny wedding-related trinkets. Not only will this activity keep the children engaged, but it will also spark their imagination and encourage teamwork and collaboration among them. Plus, parents will be grateful for a few moments of peace while the kids spend their time on their thrilling wedding adventure.

4. Irresistible Dessert Decorating

Kids and sweets go together like love and marriage! Set up a fun dessert decorating station where the little ones can show their artistic talents on cupcakes, cookies, or even their own slice of cake. Provide an array of colourful frostings, sprinkles, and edible decorations, and watch their eyes light up with excitement. This sweet treat will not only satisfy their taste buds but also serve as a creative outlet, keeping them in an activity that’s equal parts fun and delicious.

A dessert is decorated with toppings

3. Delightful Dance-off and Musical Chairs

Who doesn’t love a good dance party? Get the little ones grooving with a lively kids’ dance-off! After the formalities of the first dance, invite the children to show off their best moves on the dance floor. You can even set up a mini DJ station with a playlist of their favourite tunes, and this will for sure get a laugh. Engaging in this kind of physical activity will keep them entertained and burn off some of that youthful energy. Another classic crowd-pleaser is the timeless musical chairs game. Gather some chairs and play their favourite songs, making sure to remove one chair after each round. The last child seated wins a small, exciting prize, which will keep their spirits high and add an extra element to your wedding celebration.

5. Captivating Storytelling Corner

Encourage a love for stories and imagination with a storytelling corner. Set up a cozy spot with cushions and blankets, and have a storyteller engage the kids with fascinating tales or even a narrated version of your love story. You can also include interactive books or let the children create their own stories with drawing materials. This relaxing activity will provide the kids with a moment of tranquility amidst the wedding festivities, making it easier for them to wind down when needed.

A magician performs in front of a group of children

6. Enchanting Bubble Bonanza

Kids of all ages can have fun with bubbles. Create an enchanting bubble bonanza by providing bubble wands and machines. Whether they’re chasing after giant bubbles or trying to make the biggest one themselves, this simple yet fun activity will keep the children engaged and entertained for hours. Not to mention, the sight of bubbles floating in the air adds an extra touch of magic to your wedding photos, making them all the more memorable.

7. Playful Outdoor Games

Take advantage of any outdoor space at your venue by arranging a range of playful outdoor games. From sack races to potato-spoon relays, these timeless games will entertain the kids for hours. You can also include classics like ring toss, giant Jenga, or bean bag toss. The children will definitely have a great time at your wedding, and your guests will be more than welcome if you provide such things to entertain them!

Close up shot of bocce balls in grass


Planning a wedding is an exciting journey, and it’s essential to include activities that keep children engaged and entertained throughout your special day. As a Toronto wedding photographer, I’ve seen firsthand the joy that comes from ensuring the little ones have just as much fun as the adults.

If you just started planning your dream wedding, I’d be absolutely thrilled to capture every magical moment for you. At Kotsy Photography, my passion lies in preserving the love and joy of your special day. From family moments to candid shots of the little ones reveling in the festivities, I’ll ensure your wedding album is filled with treasured memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Let’s connect and create something truly extraordinary together!

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