5 Things Couples Wish They Knew Before Their Wedding

Weddings are magical and filled with love. The days leading up to the wedding are one of the most exciting and happiest in a couple’s life. However, weddings can also be a centre stage for drama and tantrums.

Additionally, as the wedding and the honeymoon period wanes away, the reality of starting your life with someone can be momentous and overwhelming. Today we share five things couples wish they knew before their wedding.

1. Rehearsals Are Important

It is not just about practicing walking in perfect synchronization. Rehearsals are an opportunity to get you both mentally and emotionally prepared, so you actually enjoy the ceremony. The wedding party also gets to know their roles so you have a flawless, well near flawless, wedding.

2. Bridesmaids & Groomsmen Must Be Carefully Chosen

Their roles do not pertain to the wedding alone. You want someone who will be there for you long after the wedding and its joys are over. Family members and childhood friends that you still connect with are typically good choices.

3. Eat Something Light Before The Wedding

You will be on your feet a lot and dancing. Have something to eat so you have the energy to greet your guests and cut a rug on the dancefloor. It is not uncommon for brides and grooms to faint during their wedding due to being light headed.

4. Hire A Videographer

It is almost mandatory for people to hire photographers, but videographers are often overlooked. Wedding videos are a great way to capture your momentous day. Having the audio from special moments like vows & other speeches can only be captured properly by a videographer.

5. Prepare Your Speech In Advance

And we don’t mean the vows only. Although the toasting will be taken care of by the bridal party, you will probably be required to give a speech at the reception. So prepare your thank-you speech for your family and friends.

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