10 Beautiful Engagement Session Locations in Toronto

Toronto has no shortage of wonderful locations for photo-shoots of all kinds. The following list below are perfect for engagement sessions.

1. Harbourfront

A man dances with his fiancé on the Toronto Harbourfront's boardwalk at sunset.

There’s an infinite amount of possibilities here between Bathurst and Harbourfront Centre.

Elements: Lake Ontario, countless changes in scenery/backgrounds including the wave deck, pedestrian bridge, music garden and boardwalk, views of downtown core including CN Tower.

Permit: Not required for engagement sessions.

Best time for pictures: Sunrise. Sunset is great too but much busier.

2. Casa Loma

A man holds his newly engaged partner's hands in front of Casa Loma in Toronto

Incorrectly labeled as an actual castle by some, this gorgeous stone-clad mansion is a beautiful and unique outdoor backdrop for wedding ceremonies and engagement sessions. Access to the south end is usually only possible if you pay admission to enter inside. However, sticking to the north (front) and east sides will provide enough variations for a mini session without added fees.

Be sure not to miss out on the gorgeous steep staircase with a perfect view of the CN Tower and downtown core. Located on the south/east corner and accessed from east side.

Elements: Unique Gothic style architectures, fountains, gardens, downtown view.

Permit: Not required for engagement sessions.

Best time for pictures: Daytime/sunset.

3. High Park

A man proposes to his girlfriend to much surprise by a waterfront at High Park in Toronto

Located on the South West of Toronto, this city owned park has what it takes to make your engagement photo-shoot a memorable one. The sheer size of it will provide enough backdrops to fill an entire session.

Elements: Natural flowers, rustic paths, Grenadier Pond

Permit: Not required

Best time for pictures: Daytime/sunset

4. Neon Demon Studio

A man kisses his girlfriend's cheek behind a rain-drop glass partition of a phone booth at Neon Demon Studio in Toronto

Undoubtedly one of the most unique studios in all of Toronto, the Neon Demon Studio is the place to be if you want to end your special day filled with beautiful vintage neon lights & signs. Check out my blog on an engagement session with Josh & Caitlin.

Elements: Scenes created out of strategically placed neon lights and other urban inspired décor like a phonebooth and arcade game.

Permit: Need to book studio time in advance.

5. Sunnyside Beach/Boardwalk

A man and woman walk hand-in-hand on the boardwalk on the Sunnyside Boardwalk at sunset in Toronto

One of Toronto’s most popular beaches, and a fabulous spot for taking engagement photos. The boardwalk and gardens are my favourite.

Elements: Beautiful view of Etobicoke skyline and stunning boardwalk. Mural covered pedestrian bridge.

Permit: Not required

Best time for pictures: Sunset

6. Toronto Islands

A man goes in for a kiss with his fiancé on some rocks on the Toronto Islands. The downtown skyline is seen in the background.

What could be better than having a romantic time with your loved one on a ferry? You’ll also get to have fun at the beach and enjoy nature.

Elements: Island Ferry, stunning views of the city and beautiful nature scenes all over. The bridge connecting Centre-Island & Olympic Island shouldn’t be missed!

Permit: Required

Best time for pictures: Evening till nightfall

7. Scarborough Bluffs

A man kisses his fiancé on the cheek at the Scarborough Bluffs in Toronto

You don’t have to travel far from the city to have a quiet and peaceful time. Easily one of the most unique photo locations in the whole city.

Elements: Beaches, Lake Ontario, The Bluffs (cliffs), Marina

Permit: Required

Best time for pictures: Sunset

8. Distillery District

A man proposes to his girlfriend who has covered her mouth in shock. Photographed at The Distillery District in Toronto

Filled with Victorian Industrial Architecture, this is the most European-looking area of the city. Countless beautiful building after beautiful building, various art pieces and a big LOVE sign covered in locks. The Christmas Village every December adds even more visual impact but it’s recommended to go the week it opens and during the day to avoid massive crowds.

Elements: Victorian stone and brick buildings, LOVE sign, big heart art piece with view of CN Tower and downtown core.

Permit: Normally required but doing an inconspicuous engagement session is certainly possible.

Best time for pictures: Daytime

9. Toronto Botanical Gardens/Edwards Gardens

A woman looks back as her fiancé guides her up a path at Edwards Gardens in Toronto during the fall season
A recently engaged couple pose for a photo at Toronto Botanical Gardens

Saying this is a 2-4-1 deal would be an understatement. First off, the botanical gardens features no less than 17 themed gardens that serve as incredibly vibrant back drops. Adjacent to the Botanical Garden is the 31-acre Edwards Gardens that features beautiful bridges, pathways and waterfalls.

Elements: Many colourful gardens, beautiful paths, bridges and water streams.

Permit: Not required for engagement sessions.

Best time to visit: Couple hours before sunset. Fall or winter after a fresh snowball is breathtaking.

10. Graffiti Alley

A couple walk hand-in-hand through Graffiti Alley in a winter day in Toronto

I like to call this place the urban museum of art. Located in the west end of downtown, this alleyway offers the most unique photo session location. Dressing up with formal clothing will provide a great contrast with the countless colourful murals. The best part is the art is constantly changing so there’s always something fresh

Elements: Colorful murals, urban/gritty feel

Permit: Not required

Best time for pictures: Daytime

A beautiful location for an engagement session doesn’t mean a whole lot without the professional photographer to take the photos. If you’re planning and engagement session or proposal and haven’t found the perfect photographer for you and your partner’s needs, I’d love to hear from you!

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