About Me

A portrait of Kotsy wearing a dress shirt and wooden bow-tie
Hanging out on the median of Eastern Ave in Toronto with the downtown skyline in thee background
Kotsy DJing in a night club in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I'll never forget how I felt photographing my very first wedding. I was a bundle of nerves, worried about camera settings and missing key moments. Now, after photographing countless weddings and working alongside incredible couples just like you - I've gathered that it's something similar to how you might be feeling leading up to your big day.

You just want everything to go - perfect. And while I've yet to see a wedding that runs absolutely flawless, I've photographed enough to know that most problems can be fixed or at the very least, minimized.

But I'm getting ahead of myself here.

Taking a selfie in a curved mirror at Neon Demon Studio
Low angle portrait
DJing at Footwork in Toronto

I should explain how someone who used to roll his eyes at weddings became a full time wedding photographer... and actually loves it. Well, being a nightclub DJ with connections in the industry afforded me opportunities to do nightclub photography as well. It was then I realized candid shots of clubbers and DJs in pure bliss were not only as compelling as the cityscapes I was already creating, but also had a layer of emotion to them.

I was hooked.

It wasn't long before I was asked to shoot an engagement party, which turned out to a jackpot for fun candid images. Not only that but I got to meet and enjoy a celebration with a room full happy, like-minded people. It was a match made in heaven!

Group birthday photo

"I had Kotsy photograph my 30th birthday at the Darling Mansion. The venue was a very unique and fun space providing a lot of creative photo opportunities and Kotsy absolutely killed it with capturing both the candid fun shots of the celebration. He provides good direction for photos and really captures the vibe of the party. He was also super nice and great to work with, I’d definitely recommend him!"

- Jeremy

Quick Facts

⦿ My legal name is Christopher Kotsopoulos. "Kotsy" was a nick-name that started in high school to make it easier to to differentiate from the other 2 Chris' in my social circle. It's been used more often than not when conversing with any friends since then.

⦿ I started DJing in the late 90s playing rock & electronica music. My first paying gig was playing oldies and top-40 at a Canada Post staff Christmas party. I've since switched to a purely tribal-house sound and have played gigs at iconic Toronto clubs like The Guvernment, Footwork, The Comfort Zone & The Mod Club.

⦿ For a recent birthday I submitted my photo (see below) to the sub-reddit "roast me" where complete strangers took shots at me based on my appearance.

Kotsy poses for a selfie holding a piece of paper with
Duct taped black light

⦿ I can stretch both of my feet behind my head (see above)

⦿ Dealing with the pandemic for me was really difficult at times but I found a lot of silver lining throughout as well.

⦿ Started biking not only for exercise, but every day life instead of using my car.

⦿ Changed my wake-up time from noon or later to 6am on a consistent basis.

⦿ Started reading books for the first time since high school and constantly have a book on loan from the library now.

⦿ I meditate and have a ‘quiet time’ first thing each morning.

Halloween Costume 1
Halloween Costume 3
Halloween Costume 2

⦿ I speak fluent sarcasm & have a history of inappropriate Hallowe'en costumes (see above). Can you guess them all?

⦿ I'm a transit fanatic and used to be a TTC Subway Operator on Line 1 & 3.

⦿ I'm obsessed with pizza and watermelon.

⦿ I once binge watched Saturday Night Live from start to finish. It took me over 2 years, watching 1 episode a day, to make it through seasons 1-40.